If you are looking for an organisation that can provide your company with tailor-made human resources solutions, you can rely on Lionize. Our key focus is to help you to recruit and retain the right people for your business. Over and above the recruitment services, our research and survey services allows you to initiate the right programmes based survey findings and recommendations from our consultants. Customised, Surveys such as “Employee Engagement Survey”, “Special Groups Surveys”, and “Employees Satisfaction Survey” and so on allow your organisation to develop strategies that ensures you get the best value from your most important asset – your employee.

We ensure that our clients are getting access to the best talent on the market. We have a database of outstanding candidates some of whom we have advised throughout their careers. Our consultants have industry wide experience ranging from Management Consulting, Business Strategy, Project Management, Information & Communication Technologies, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Banking & Finance and more.

We are passionate about developing genuine lasting and productive partnerships with our clients. We recognise that every organisation has a unique brand culture and resourcing needs that require unique resourcing solutions. Our consultants speak your language, matching business and technical skills to the job description whilst considering the cultural and personal dynamics. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations and you’ll find very few recruitment organisations more dedicated to your staffing needs. We apply our strong commercial and industry knowledge to ensure high standards while maintaining a simple, straightforward and effective process.

To find out how we can help you, please contact us telephonically or for a confidential discussion or send us your vacancy and one of our experienced consultants will be in touch.

Focus Areas/Expertise

Our clients operate in multiple industries which include, but are not limited to; Utilities and Power, Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Mining, ICT and Financial services.

We Source the following Engineering & Technical Professionals:

We also a significant focus on the professional in the following fields:

Over time we have built extensive networks and a comprehensive database of carefully selected candidates and clients. We complement our traditional sourcing methods with a rich network of partners.

Our team has qualified professionals with years of experience in various industries

Focus Areas


Recruitment, Training, Outsourcing, Online Surveys, IT Consulting, Technology Reseller, Project Management


Successful organisations understand the importance of a common understanding of the mission and a practical understanding of the consequences of failure and the benefits of success. It includes aligning the organisation’s culture to reflect the vision, mission, and values in everyday life throughout the organisation. Organisational cultures vary in both focus and substance. Successful organisations engage their stakeholders to determine where they want to be before addressing all of the factors of culture that will lead them to the “Promised Land”. Our research and survey services supported by consulting services can help you unearth ways in which you could take advantage of your core assets (your employees) making sure they are sufficiently engaged and aligned to your strategy.

Performance Optimisation

Performance goals should always be well thought-out, planned and measurable. Organisations may start by defining the performance criteria, create a sound strategic plan, and execute against measureable performance results. For example an organisation which emphasizes innovation but uses reward/punitive practices that undermine innovation may not be successful. On the same token an organisation that wants to be an “employer of choice” but ignores abusive / discriminatory behaviour will not be successful. Therefore it is necessary to optimise organisational systems in order to optimise performance. Our assessments and tools assist organisations in determining the way forward.

Our research and survey services again supported by consulting services can assist the organisation in creating programmes that promote the right behaviour in employees leading to a high performance organisation.


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